The Eleanor Cross Walk

In the second week of May I’ll be heading off for a small walk through England. As I like to put the amble into ramble, this was intended to be a holiday of sorts, however I would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness for a couple of charities. The James Ahern Foundation, and The Amyloidosis Research Fund.

First of all, the walk itself will be a trek from Lincoln to London, across 8 days of walking. The route is inspired by the Eleanor Crosses, one of which is situated in the town I live, Northampton. Queen Eleanor of Castile was married to Edward I, and she died just outside of Lincoln. Edward, and his consorts, travelled back to London with her body and at every town they stayed the night, a cross was constructed in her honour (not at the time of course, that would have taken far too long). It’s an interesting story, that I will delve into further at the time of the walk, and will be keeping this blog as I journey.

I’m not usually one to aggressively chase people for their donations, and so all I am wanting to do, and through my travels, is to bring a couple of lesser known charities forward in the hope that you will donate in the name of loved ones you may have lost. Indeed, if you wish to donate to other charities in their names, then please do, I’m not one to force people into things they don’t want to do.

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